John and Rebecca Pre Wedding

The shots were taken on March 2011. Due to client's request, the pre wedding photos can only be published ONLINE after their wedding actual day which was held last weekend. So here they are, Enjoys~~~~ and stay tune for their actual day photos :P

Title: John and REbecca Pre Wedding
Date: 20th March 2011
Venue: Singapore

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  1. Wow ! it is such a nice photographs of John and Rebecca pre wedding. Rebecca looks so natural beauty. She wearing such a lovely dresses.

  2. yeah..they are really a wonderful couple..thank more photos will be uploaded soon, especially their wedding actual day :)

  3. What a wonderful photographs of beautiful couple. It is a John and Rebecca pre wedding photographs. Its true that pairs are made in heaven.

  4. It was such a great experience to take part in a pre Wedding photo shoot. I really like the John and Rebecca pre wedding photographs. Both are looks so beautiful.

  5. Demerit: yeah, agree with you~~ they are really nice couple~~

    Meio: thank you